Debut author Melissa Crickard set goals in early childhood to be a best-selling novelist and

physician. The daughter of an English and a Science teacher, Melissa attended Georgia Institute

of Technology and the University of Buffalo, and after being awarded two Bachelor’s degrees in

Physical Therapy and Chemistry, she advanced toward her M.D. degree from the State

University of New York at Buffalo, going on to become a diplomat of the American Society of


 While training as a resident, Melissa recognized not only the critical problems facing medicine

and society, but also the promise and limitless optimism that scientific advances and medicine

abound with potential. Additionally, her English professors at the engineering based Georgia

Tech examined countless works that raised questions of scientific ethics and the role of women in

the field, which remained a necessary inspiration for writing medical thrillers. These themes, as

well as her experience as a practicing Anesthesiologist, formed the basis for her fiction novels,

which she began writing fervently after the birth of her son, Roman. She is the author a textbook

chapter in the medical textbook, Complications in Anesthesia, and served as a contributing

journalist for general medical stories for WGRZ Channel 2 in Buffalo, NY, belonging to the

Association of Health Care Journalists. She holds a faculty position in the State University of

New York at Buffalo Department of Anesthesiology. She lectures to residents and students and

practices Anesthesia full time in western New York. She is currently a semi-finalist in the

international business competition, 43North, for her startup company, PneumaGlide, P.C. She is

currently C.E.O. of the medical device company and holds a utility patent for her invention. She

was recently awarded a 7.5K grant from National Grid and a 40.2K grant from the University of

Buffalo to promote the company.

 After completing her first mainstream fiction novel, Another Five Patients, a culmination of five

interwoven stories that address larger issues of the modern hospital, she immediately initiated her

second, plot driven commercial fiction novel, The Labrador Response.